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Bob’s Renovations – Stepping In The 21st Century With Under The Counter Appliances


Hi there! My name is Bob and I am a home improvement enthusiast. I absolutely love interior design, home innovations and new home products. I always go out of my way to experiment with new ideas, products and projects. Recently, I discovered the under the counter appliance. Although I had seen these items before, I was slightly unfamiliar with them. I knew their purpose, but I was unsure how they could help me. Despite my initial concerns, I took the leap of faith and made the purchase. Below, you will learn about my experience thus far.


Initial Reactions


Before purchasing an under counter refrigerator, I was definitely hesitant. Why would I want to spend so much on a small fridge? I already had a bigger refrigerator and it had served me fairly well for many years. I justified the purchase, by admitting to myself that my bigger fridge did get overcrowded from time to time. Once the appliance arrived at my home, I surprised to find out how big it actually was.


Although it was visibly smaller than its big brother, the interior was actually quite big! In fact, the fridge’s interior was capable of holding a maximum of 4 cubic feet! Suffice to say, I was impressed and immediately knew the purchase would help to clear out plenty of space in my bigger fridge. Also, the exterior of the under the counter fridge was absolutely gorgeous. It made a great addition to my kitchen and perfectly complimented my other, bigger appliances.


Installation Process


After receiving my under the counter fridge, I was forced to install the unit into my counter space. I am definitely good with my hands and didn’t find this process to be complicated, at all. Although I cannot speak for everyone else, I don’t think it would be hard for others either. Truthfully, the process is basically plug and play. Once you’ve got the counter space or cubbyhole emptied out, you will be able to plug up the cord and position the unit inside. Below, you’ll find a list of things to do, before making the purchase to help ensure that the process will be much less complicated.


  • Take measurements
  • Do research
  • Inspect the warranty
  • Get a friend to help


Of course, this process could be a little more complicated. You might have to cut the counter to make the hole bigger or you may need to do a little electrical wiring, in order to put a plug in an appropriate spot. Some will need to seek out professional assistance, in order to get everything up and running appropriately.



After The Installation


The steps above were definitely not fun or exciting. However, once I got the unit installed, I was blown away. The under the counter fridge has been incredibly helpful and has eliminated clutter from my big fridge. Despite the small stature of the unit, it holds plenty of food and beverages. Also, the unit’s compressor has been thoroughly impressive. It has managed to keep all of my drinks and foods perfectly cold. I truly cannot complain.


Another notable feature is that my under the counter refrigerator actually runs very quietly. It is significantly quieter than the bigger fridge. When I first read about these products, I discovered some complaints about the noise level of a few specific models. I have yet to encounter any such problem.


My Recommendations


At this point in time, I have been incredibly satisfied with my under the counter refrigerator. It works great, operates quietly and holds a significant amount of edibles. Due to the machine’s performance, I am already in the process of purchasing more under the counter appliances. If you’re going to be shopping for home appliances in the future, I highly recommend that you consider opting for the smaller, but ultimately cooler, under the counter models. They’re stylish, affordable and well worth exploring in greater detail!